Seth Hill    // Founder & CEO

Seth Hill // Founder & CEO

Seth is the guy who started it all. He has a passion for creating gear that benefits the user, their friends, and people everywhere whatever their need.

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Aldo… so much could be said of this man. He is the doer of all things and the rod of correction for our founder, Seth. When things get heated, Aldo keeps the lid on things.


Moses is the man of financial reasoning. It was once said that without his keen ability to monitor the forces of business, none such business would ever remain.

Daniel Neacsu  // Photography

Daniel Neacsu // Photography

Daniel has a passion for photos, like, a lot. He works as a nurse by day and a professional photographer by night. Hats off for this professional dude.

Jason Dull  // Graphic Design

Jason Dull // Graphic Design

Jason is our graphics guy. If you need anything designed, animated, critiqued, or transformed into some awesome juice, then Jason is your guy.