I brought this hammock for scout camping with my kids. I have tried a lot of different ones and all the under quilts never stayed in place easily. I have taken this on 2 outings where temperatures got close to freezing in the moist Oregon climate. I had not set up the rain fly, but the combo of the hammock and my sleeping bag I was cozy warm and woke up to the outside of the hammock frosted over. I don’t roll around as much as I do with sleeping pads or double nested hammocks. My kids also have tried it out and they want me to replace their hammocks for this one.



Caleb tells us about his experience in TN.



We LOVE the SWAYY Premus!  It has been used almost every Sabbath afternoon since we received it - no matter the temperature!  The kids fight who gets to use the "awesome" hammock!  They will all three climb in and zip it up and play or read for hours.  The kids also figured out how to hang it from the rafters of our basement (15 foot ceilings, with out using a ladder) and hang it up there during the week to sit and read.  I'm pretty sure we'll have to get a few more SWAYY's in our future!  Our SWAYY will definitely be coming with us while we camp for a month this summer!



Jeff tells us about his experience with the Eira in Africa.


North Carolina

So, I got this hammock a while back and at first it was a little too warm to use here in SC! One night when I was off and it was getting pretty cool (42⁰ according to my phone), I took it out to sleep in for the night! First off, it is a really easy set up. The straps are attached, and you just loop one end around the tree simply using the buckle to adjust height and tension (more about this later). I climbed in and zipped it up to my neck – later zipping it up completely over my face. I’m 6’2” and over the 250-weight rating, but it showed no signs of strain. I can be a little claustrophobic, so I had a hat on to keep some extra space around my face. I’m not sure if that was needed, but it’s a “me” thing! The inside fabric is very soft and not clingy, so I was comfortable only wearing a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt. I wasn’t cold the entire night. I only got cold when I unzipped it in the morning, and I only opened it then because I had become pretty warm by that point and wanted some air. The outside doesn’t seem that thick but is actually an awesome insulation barrier. It definitely passes the keep-warm test!

A while later, we had another cool day and decided to take it to bald rock to get some good pics! I learned an important PSA announcement! When you tighten the buckle, you tie a knot, or the buckle will eat thru the strap. Yes, this happened to me, and dropped my 275lb butt on the rock! So, after talking with the owner I know to tie the knot; he assured me they are also doing an upgrade on the straps. They are a start-up, and we have had several conversations about different things. He is very receptive to feed-back which is going to make for an even better product in the future. He even sent me parts to fix mine. It is by no means bad now; with his passion and willingness to accept feed-back, it is only going to get better!

One last thing – these guys have a purpose! Each year, they send a percentage of sales to Papua, Indonesia to help build jungle school houses for kids who have literally never heard the alphabet! They want to have an impact for generations to come. If you like to hammock in the cool to cold months give these guys a look!


North Carolina

Jason talks about his experience with the Premus in cold temps.


North Carolina 

My husband, our kids, and I all absolutely love our SWAYY Premus hammock! It’s so easy to hang and so relaxing to swing in. We love hanging it in our yard and enjoying the view of the sky and beautiful trees above us. The material is very durable and easy to keep clean. It will keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. It definitely holds its weight capacity very well. My kids and I love to snuggle in and read a good book while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.



Swayy Hammocks are the best way for a backcountry hiker to camp. It eliminates the need for a tent, sleeping bag, pad, and a pillow. Did I mention how comfortable they are?

You guys rock, mine just came in the other day and I’ve been swinging in the breeze all day which btw the shell works perfectly to stop the wind. This thing is super comfy and warm, the down in the baffles look great. The design on the straps and the buckles are ingenious, it makes adjusting so much easier than normal straps! It’s amazing how much faster this is than setting up tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag combo. You get your full camp site in one bag! I Can’t wait to take her out on the trail but so far it’s warm, comfortable, light, and a cinch to set up and break down. ~Total Hammock Convert~
— Will Fuller, Eira Owner