What is a diagonal lay? Why does it matter?

The diagonal lay is what some would call sage wisdom. Many a greenhorn have tried sleeping in a hammock while committing two cardinal sins: 1) Tightening that bad-boy so much that it acts like a slackline, and 2) Lying parallel to the hammock ridge line. But then came the better solution:

"By shifting your body a small amount you’re actually cutting across the curve of the hammock. The hammock responds by flattening out underneath you, gently cradling your body in what just so turns out to be an absolutely ideal sleeping position with zero pressure points."

- Seth Haber from TrekLight

The diagonal lay is simply that, shifting your body so that the hammock cradles you in a way that doesn't kill your back, and your experience.

No matter what you do, you won't be able to lay perfectly flat. However, your feet and head will be slightly elevated, and this is a good thing - now the hammocks conforms to that magnificent natural curve in your spine.

Coutesy of The Ultimate Hang

Coutesy of The Ultimate Hang

How do SWAYY™ Hammocks insulate you?

It works using 3 main layers of material. The 1st holds your weight. The 2nd insulates you using "loft" so that it does not compress against your backside, i.e. the insulation drapes a little lower than the hammock-body fabric (load-bearing layer). The 3rd layer is a shell that provides wind breaking ability.

Our system keeps your bum safe from CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome). Yes, it is a real thing.

Courtesy of The Ultimate Hang

Courtesy of The Ultimate Hang

Can you achieve a 45° lay?

While the Premus™ and Eira™ can't achieve a full 45° while zipped up, in can get pretty close. 20°-35° close, depending on your height. The hammocks hugs you cozzy like, which makes you a little happier.

To state the obvious, once you unzip you can achieve a 45° lay. You can even achieve a 90° if you want!

Does the Primaloft®  insulation bunch up?

No, it does not bunch up. Yes, it does stay in place! Primaloft® is our brand partner because of one main reason, they have a superior product. The Primaloft Silver 3.0oz synthetic insulation is produced on rolls. You do not need any baffles to keep it all in place. 


Does the DownTek™  insulation bunch up?

No, it does not bunch up. Yes, it does stay in place! Like the Primaloft®, DownTek™ is our brand partner because of one main reason, they have a superior product and technology. We use a technology called “Flow Gates” to keep the down from shifting over time.

How do I setup my Premus™ suspension system?

This is how... 

Will I get hot in the spring and summer months?

Nope! Just unzip and let live. If you've ever been hammock camping in the summer with a, dare we say, ENO®, then you have probably experienced CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome), even when it's 70°F+ at night.

Is there any special product care I need to know?

Yes! Always treat your gear how you would want to be treated, but there are a few things to note. 1st Always be kind to the zippers, they have feelings too. 2nd Don't leave your hammock in the stuff sack / compression sack longer than necessary. Hanging it up is always a good option. 3rd Spot clean when necessary. 

Machine washable?

Yes! Make sure to wash on the GENTLE cycle, COLD WATER, and TUMBLE DRY on LOW with 2-3 tennis balls to fluff it up. Simple as that.