So... What's the story?

Ideas are funny things, and SWAYY® is no exception to this.

The late Tennessee summer of 2013 marks the true birth of SWAYY® when few close buddies and I (Seth) all decided that before we would send it off to different corners of the globe, we would have one last bro sesh of hammock camping on the beautiful Ocoee Lake in Eastern Tennessee. So we stuffed our hammocks, filled our packs, and before we knew it we are all stowed away in our canoes headed for our little island on the lake… And that’s where things got funny.

All growing up I’ve heard that “the bridge ices before the road” because of wind swiftly passing under and over it which saps all its heat, and this trip shed new light on what that truly meant. CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome) was a real issue. And it was at that very moment that the idea for SWAYY® was born. 

And the rest, well, it’s now our history and brightly lit future.

In the following posts you’ll see bits and pieces of our journey, and we hope you like it, because we want you to join along side of us to help create new encounters for all. 

SWAYY, Encounter More ®

- Seth Hill CEO of SWAYY® Insulated Hammocks, LLC