Almost time...

Hey there guys,

So a lot has happened in the past year. We have went from almost closing up shop, to gaining a partnership with Primaloft®, taking actual pre-orders, acquiring Insulahmmock designs, bringing on some new investors, filing for International Chinese Patents, and myself getting married (Whoop!), but more on those things later.

I am going to do my best to update this company blog about once a week as a way to keep you fellow hangers up-to-date on what's happening with SWAYY, and what our plans are, so stayed dialed in! By the way, feel free to ALWAYS make suggestions and comments - I love interaction.  

First off, I just want to welcome the entire team from Insulhammock Designs to the SWAYY family as we work to fold our two brands into a master artisan hammock company. Stephen and Anya are the two main team members that are now apart of what we are working on, and we are so happy to have them be apart of our clan - a team of goofballs and outdoor enthusiasts.

The past year has been crazy. Honestly, I have been blessed to get more done in the past 3 weeks with SWAYY than I have accomplished over the past 3 years since starting this journey, at least that is what it feels like. I don't fully blame my "5 year education" from university... But... I am happy to announce that I have finished my college career with two degrees with a staggering GPA of 3.23! Why am I sharing this info? Because it doesn't take 4.0 to start a great company. Not slamming the book worms out there, because it does take a lot to excel at school, I just prefer a different route - making market disruptions and impacts now!

Ok, now to the good stuff. I will keep this as short'n sweet as possible, so hold on tight. Here is what we got done in the past 3 weeks:

- Chinese International Patent filed

- Primaloft® Brand Partnership 

- First round of capital from a private investor - ACCEPTED

- Finished the design for the first fully insulated hammock under the SWAYY brand: SWAYY® Premus™ (Next product is in R&D now! More to come soon.)

- Got our Federal Tax ID number... Yay taxes...  -__- 

- A whole lot of other things we can't talk about yet. More to come soon!

- Beginning talks with Lonut (our Romanian contact in Africa) about producing some hammocks in Malawi for the benefit of children looking to earn their way through school. Keep this in thought and prayers, I would love to get these things made by the hands of some awesome guys and girls who are looking to provide for their lives, their families, and much more.

As you can see, we have been super busy and we can't wait to make this dream become a reality! With each passing day we can see growth and excitement, on our end, as well as yours. Remember, anyone can make a product, and I am certain SWAYY is making great ones, but the reason WHY we are doing WHAT we are doing isn't because we want to make a quick buck. We are doing what we are doing to help others save a buck on the ridiculously over priced gear, and to empower others through the various projects we donate to like AMM and the jungle mission projects of Papua, Indonesia. 

Pictures are soon to come! We are taking orders now, and they are going fast, so if you want your fully-insulated camping hammock soon, go now and order one! All product details will be available soon, with pictures! ;)

Thank you for all the support guys, and apologies for this scatterbrained message. Let me know if you need anything, like ever, I am serious.

And remember...

Encounter More,


- Seth Hill, Founder and CEO of SWAYY