(Ad)Venture(s) for our Capital

So, it's been a while. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of when SWAYY® began in the hearts of our founders. Back in those days we truly had no idea what we were doing. In fact, all we really knew was that we were going to get this hammock built, one way or another. And as I reflect back on those times, all I can truly say are these 3 words: "We Are Blessed". We're blessed of the vast amounts of knowledge that this experience has brought us, the exuberant contacts we have met, and the journeys it has brought us all to love - all of these things are indeed, blessings. 

Next week SWAYY® will be presenting before a venture capital firm in Phoenix, AZ and it is going to be awesome! We are truly looking forward to this momentous moment, either we get funded or not because like we have said many times before, " It is the experience that is of value." So, as we move into this next phase of funding, we would like to encourage all of our believers out there that SWAYY®, one way or another, will come to market, and it will change the game of camping and hammocking forever. 

Oh... And did we mention we are now securing stateside manufacturing!? Hmm... 

We will keep you posted!

SWAYY, Encounter More ®

- Seth Hill CEO of SWAYY® Insulated Hammocks, LLC