5 Reasons to Visit China at Least Once

A unique blend of ancient and modern sites, China offers an exciting experience for travelers around the world who seek to visit new, truly inspiring cultures. Thanks to its vast territory, it has diverse landscapes and regional traditions, as well as many historical monuments that tell the story of one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Whether you like the great outdoors, busy urban settings or impressive architecture, China should be on your bucket list. Here’s why.

Testimony of a Rich History

With five millennia’s worth of inspiring history, China’s wealth in historical sites is immense. Starting with the Great Wall, a structure so impressive it became part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List, you will have plenty of things to relish if you decide to visit China.

Take in the Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, the Longmen Grottoes, the Sanxingdui and Jinsha Relics or the Temple of Heaven, to name but a few highlights. You are sure to be stunned by different parts of China’s turbulent history.

Diverse Natural Landscapes 

Thanks to its fortunate geographical position, China possesses different landscapes of remarkable natural sites. You may have heard about the famous Yellow Mountains, but there are also many more remarkable places of untouched nature.

Hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge, marvel at the lakes of Jiuzhaigou, enjoy Zhangjiajie’s magnificent floating pinnacles or the Li River in Guangxi. If you prefer a hotter climate, Hainan and Xishuangbanna are the right choices for you.

Charming Animals in Their Natural Habitats

Speaking of nature, would you like to visit some of the most unique animals on earth in their natural habitat? China is home to one of the most adorable creatures – pandas. These fluffy cuties live in Chengdu where you can visit them in nature, guided by a local specialist.

Head west to the Gobi Desert for an exciting experience of camel riding or visit Siberian tigers, either in the wild or in an animal park, like the one in Harbin. Also native to China are the Asian Elephant, Dugong and North China Leopard.

Delicious Chinese Food

Perhaps one of the most popular things about China is its tasty cuisine. With an admirable variety of ingredients, every region in China offers its own traditional specialties. You should definitely try Beijing’s roast duck, Hong Kong’s dim sum, the seafood of coastal cities, or the noodle and rice dishes popular throughout the country.

For spicy food, head to Sichuan and Hunan. If you’re up for tasting regional fast food, try roasted sweet potatoes and Shao Kao (Chinese barbecue) in any larger urban area.

Diverse Population and Communities

Blending tradition with progress, China offers an enviable diversity, both in its people and urban areas. Being one-fifth of the world’s population, it’s rich with people and regions that have their own unique customs and traditions.

You can experience modern cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong or Shanghai, but you should also check out the Mosuo people in Yunnan, the Miao villages, and the Zhuang people and their wooden stilt houses. One constant is that every place has well-preserved examples of nature, with stunning parks in every larger town and city.