What is the Swayy story?

Ideas are funny things, and Swayy is no exception to this.

The late Tennessee summer of 2013 marks the true birth of Swayy when few buddies and I (Seth) all decided to do a little hammock camping. Before we all would send it off to different corners of the globe for a year abroad, we wanted to have one last bro sesh on the beautiful Ocoee Lake in Eastern Tennessee. So we stuffed our hammocks, filled our canoes, and before we knew it we are all headed for our little island on the lake… And that’s where things got chilly.

All growing up I’ve heard that “the bridge ices before the road” because of wind swiftly passing under and over it sucks up all its heat, and this trip shed new light on what that truly meant. CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome)... It is a real issue, and it was at that very moment that the idea for Swayy was born. 

When I was 16 I lost my father to suicide. I don't want to use this as a sympathy vote, but it is a big part of my story, so please keep reading. When that happened it left me void of many things, mainly the comfort, security and the warmth of life. I was fortunate enough to have men who care about me reinvest themselves back into me those pieces that I was missing: Comfort, Security and the Warmth of life.

When I started Swayy in college I didn't fully understand my "WHY", but now I do. In all that we do, we aim to invest Comfort, Security, and Warmth. Whether it's the gear we create, the interactions we have or the experiences we foster, that is our mission.

What is Swayy about?

We strive to enact change through relationship building. We believe that with each new interaction we have, there is a chance to cultivate a positive impression that will have a lasting impact on who you are as a person.

For us, it breaks down into 3 simple categories:

COMFORT - When you interact with someone from Swayy, we strive to bring comfort to who you are as an individual. When you interact with Swayy gear, you will experience comfort.

SECURITY - When you interact with someone from Swayy, we make you feel secure, no matter your experience level in the outdoors. When you interact with Swayy gear, you will be secure.

WARMTH - When you interact with someone from Swayy, we aim to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Why? Because you are apart of our outdoor family. When you interact with Swayy gear, it’ll keep you warm.

We take this philosophy seriously. If you want to hear more about it in depth? Check out the info below:

We are solely set on making an impact that will benefit generations to come. This isn't just what we do, but it is the entire reason why we are doing what we are doing.

So jump on board and remember... 

Encounter More,

 - Seth Hill, Founder of Swayy