We use our patent pending "LOFT" technology to hang insulation lower than your bum...  No more CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome). But more specifically - how do Swayy hammocks keep you warm? Loft.

Loft is the ability of insulation to trap air between the fibers (synthetic insulation) or feather dander (down). This allows for the trapped air pockets to be warmed up. For our synthetic insulation, this is achieved by allowing the insulation hang separately without compression below your backside. For our down insulation, it is the same idea but a different insulation type.

We use 3 main layers of material. The 1st holds your weight. The 2nd insulates you. The 3rd blocks the wind.



Weight: 6.1lbs

Insulation: 100g Synthetic

Length: 10’

Temp: 30°F-70°F


  • Hammock

  • Suspension

Price: $299


Weight: 3.5lbs

Insulation: 800FP

Length: 10’

Temp: 30°F-70°F


  • Hammock

  • Suspension

  • Ridge-line

  • Rain Fly

Price: $499



So you decide to go camping. You grab your hammock, your sleeping bag, a few other items and you are good to go. You arrive at your site and it's getting dark, quick. You hang your hammock, throw in your sleeping bag and hop in. Five minutes pass, you feel a slight chill on your back, you turn to your side. You still feel the chill. What is that chill?

CBS: Cold Butt Syndrome


Our Mission

In all that we do, we aim to invest Comfort, Security, and Warmth. Whether it's the gear we create, the interactions we have or the experiences we foster, that is our mission.

In addition, each year we give a percentage of the money we make to help build jungle schools and chapels in Papua, Indonesia to those who don’t have the same opportunities we have today.






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