Fully. Insulated. Hammocks.



Why take a tent? a bag? a pad?

SWAYY is a Tennessee based design and manufacturing company that produces fully-insulated hammocks. Our aim is to minimize the gear used in overnight camping while also providing comfort for a variety of seasons. We strive to inspire people to go outdoors while asking, "Why take a tent, a bag, and a pad when you can SWAYY?"

Wait... but how does it work?

The concept is this: the insulation uses "loft" technology to hang lower than the hammock body (load-bearing fabric). This keeps your bum safe from CBS (Cold Butt Syndrome). Yes, CBS is a real thing!

Ok... why do you do it?

When SWAYY was started, we had a vision for more than the creation of awesome outdoor gear. That vision is to make a lasting difference in the world at large. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of that vision.