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Eira™ | Pre-Order

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This is the SWAYY Eira™:

A DownTek™ 800 Fill Power fully insulated hammock. Made in the USA, this hammock allows you leave your tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad all behind you. Why? It's all built in! One... Stop... Shop...

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The Eira™ is constructed using four parts. 

  • The first is the weight bearing layer, or hammock body, is constructed using a 1.6oz per square yard, 40 Denier, nylon fabric with a 6-way ripstop to increase strength and durability. (Up to 400lbs!)
  • The second is the insulation layer. This layer consists of 20 tubular baffles that hold 800FP DownTek storm treated goose down. Each baffle is filled with precisely 1.25oz of down.
  • The third is the shell layer. This wind breaking layer is made of a .9oz per square yard, 15 Denier, nylon fabric that is designed to be lightweight and breathable enough to prevent moisture build-up. 
  • The fourth and final piece is the full-length zipper. When zipped up, this allows for total warmth for the chilly nights. When unzipped, this allows for a steady warmth under your bum but keeps it cool enough for summer camping. The zipper is a #8 zipper that is strong, durable, and lightweight.

The Eira™ rain-fly is constructed with 4 main parts: The ridgeline (not attached to the rain-fly), the rain-fly itself, and the rain-fly quick deploy sock (above). Inside each of the four corner hems of the rain-fly, you will find a nail stake connected to the rain-fly by shock cord.

  • At 2.8 grams per foot, the ridgeline is made of 1/2" high-tensile strength polyester that yields low stretch and 500lbs of breaking strength.
  • The rain-fly is made of 2.7oz Wide Sil Nylon. It is a low stretch fabric with a ripstop grid. It has at least 1500 mm of head pressure. This fabric is a lightweight and waterproof.
  • The quick deploy sock cover is made of a 1.6oz 6-way ripstop nylon designed for ease of access to shelter when the storms come rolling in. When the sun comes out, simply place the four titanium nail stakes in their respective channels and pull the sock back to encase your shelter.
  • The 6" and 2.8g ultralight titanium nail stakes can be driven into hard soil without getting bent or damaged.

The Eira™ Suspension is constructed using 3 main parts: The carabiners, the titanium cinch buckles, and the Poly/Dyneema webbing.  Each component is constructed and engineered for the extraordinary adventurer and has our guarantee.

  • The carabiners are made of high grade A6061 cold-forged aluminum alloy. Each biner weights 25.7g. The closed gate strength is 10kN and the open strength is 3kN. 
  • Each of the 11g titanium cinch buckles has been crafted for easy tensile adjustability of the hammock.
  • The high-tensile strength webbing is made from a polyester and Dyneema blend. This keeps the weight and wearability low and the strength high. Our webbing is 1" wide and is 4.9g per foot.

Tech Specs:

  • Weight Maximum: 400 lbs / 182 kg
  • Stuff-Sack Dimensions: 14” x 6” x 12” 
  • Hammock Overall Length: 10’ (11' for long option) 
  • Temperature Rating: Four Season (35-70°F / 1.6 - 21°C) 
  • System Weight: 3.1 lbs 
  • Weight Bearing Fabric: Hexon™ 1.6 oz  
  • Shell Fabric: Argon™ .9 oz 
  • Heat Reflection: All Side Insulation 
  • Construction: Baffeled Fill: 800 FP DownTek™ Storm Down
  • Suspension Material: 1" Polypro Webbing (Polyester Dyneema Blend)
  • Carabiners: 25.7g A6061 Cold-Forged Aluminum Alloy. 10kN Closed. 
  • Rainfly Dimensions: 138" × 73" / 350.5cm × 193cm 
  • Anchors: 4 Reinforced Points 
  • Fly Sock: 12' 
  • Fabric: Sil Nylon 2.7oz 
  • Shock Cord: Reflecting 1/8" .4oz 4 
  • Stakes: .3oz Titanium  
  • Outer Layer: DWR Finish